Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility

by Amy Brown 25. October 2016 08:48

Check out our latest Application Note, Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility, from our Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions team for a basic understanding of EMI, standards and specifications, and real world considerations!

This paper was recently featured in InCompliance Magazine!!  Click here to view:



Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

Video: Protect Your Office From Wireless Attacks

by Rashelle Broadhuhn 14. September 2016 09:33

This video demonstration by Motherboard explains how sophisticated hackers can use RF radio frequencies emitted from electronic devices to wirelessly bug your office and unveil your company's sensitive data. API Technologies' SST and Emcon-brand TEMPEST solutions shield your office equipment, preventing the exploitation of sensitive data.

Explore our full range of SST and Emcon Security Solutions to learn more!

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Secure Systems & Information Assurance

VIDEO: Protect Your Sensitive Data with Emcon® Brand TEMPEST and Secure Products

by Molly Weis 10. August 2016 15:25

Learn more about Emcon's line of secure communications solutions and Emcon brand TEMPEST products in this product overview video. Emcon's products are designed to protect data that, if compromised, could result in severe financial, political, privacy, or defense-related consequences.

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API's Filtered Connectors: Made in the USA

by Amy Brown 23. March 2016 10:10

API Technologies has been manufacturing their Filtered Circular Connectors in the USA for nearly 50 years.  This makes it possible to shorten lead times and deliver products to customers quicker and more cost effectively. 

API's line of custom and specialty filtered connectors offer customers many advantages over those of our competitors. By focusing on increased reliability coupled with a decrease in component count, API's filtered connectors have a proven reputation for providing superior performance and quality while reducing costs.



Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

VIDEO: API Technologies Amplifier Solutions

by Allison Goss 26. February 2016 13:03

API Technologies’ high performance amplifiers feature standard and custom high frequency, low noise, low phase noise and high linearity amplifiers in a variety of packages including low cost surface mount options. Most amplifiers are customizable withour additional engineering charges.  API's amplifiers are designed to user specifications and ideal for applications such as military communications, radar, commercial aerospace and satellite communications.


Watch the video!

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RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

Report: Considerations & Challenges in Designing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

by Allison Goss 12. February 2016 09:36

API Technologies teamed up with Wireless Design & Development to produce a report on designing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). This research report analyzes data collected from design engineers in order to fully understand the issues and challenges engineers face when designing and deploying DAS. In this report, you will learn the types of challenges that arise when designing DAS, how to determine when a DAS is necessary, what considerations are made when desiging a custom DAS for a particular market segment and much more!

Read the Report

Power Amps Week White Paper: A GaN Solid State Amplifier Replacement for a 1kw Traveling Wave Tube

by Allison Goss 22. January 2016 09:20

Advances in GaN technology have provided the RF, microwave industry with the opportunity to replace limited life and single point failure TWT amplifiers with GaN solid state amplifiers. In this white paper, Frank Decker, Design Engineer at API Technologies, examines two API power amplifier solutions and provides insight into how these products are viable replacements for TWT amplifiers.

Read the White Paper

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RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

Power Amps Week: Power Amplifier Subsystems & Power Amplifier Integrated Assemblies

by Allison Goss 21. January 2016 08:38

Learn more about Power Amp Subsystems and Integrated Assembies at


Power Amps Week: Did You Know... Power Amps Will Soon Help Keep Troops Connected?

by Jaymie Murray 20. January 2016 14:06

Learn more about Power Amps and their wireless applications at


RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

Power Amps Week: Did You Know... Power Amps Help Keep Soldiers Safe?

by Jaymie Murray 20. January 2016 10:35

Learn more about Power Amps and their tactical applications at


RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

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