Data Privacy & Protection Week: Meet Richard Mundy, SSIA Security Manager

by Karen Gait 27. January 2015 11:38

As part of our Data Protection Week we introduce the SSIA Security Manager Richard Mundy, who is responsible for the overall data protection and information security for the SST product line. As technical sales director and security manager, Richard is responsible for managing key sales accounts as well as information and overall security at the SST location.

Q: What is your background and when did you start at SST?

A: As a teenager I completed an apprenticeship with Square D Ltd during which achieved a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. This resulted in a role as a design engineer. I have been a senior development engineer / assistant chief engineer at Philips TMC designing telephone equipment and PABXs where I also gained my Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After holding a variety of senior management roles at Dowty Limited and Menvier, I joined SST as the technical director (which has evolved into the technical sales director role) I also took on the additional responsibility of the security manager. 

Q: How important is data protection in your role?

A: Data protection is vital for all companies in order to protect sensitive competitive information.  This ranges from critical design information through to financial and operating information for companies. Every company also has an obligation to protect an individual’s identity and information, whether this be employee, customer, or supplier. With our role in the industry in which we operate this is particularly important as we handle classified information on behalf of the UK government and NATO organisations. This is a full time commitment to keeping aware of the latest risks and vulnerabilities, taking appropriate action to mitigate these threats, and managing the IT infrastructure to provide the best possible protection. 

Q: Is data protection and information security important away from the workplace?

A: For a great deal of these issues highlighted for companies to consider, there are parallels for individuals to consider in their home life.  The consequences of identity theft are well publicised and can cause significant financial or other hardships.  We should all be well aware of looking after our credit card and similar personal details nowadays, but how far do we take this really?  Do we adequately destroy bill receipts?  Are we careful of what we throw into the general refuse bin?  Do we change default passwords on home WIFI networks and similar equipments? Maybe not as often as we should... it is critical that we are equally vigilant in our personal life as in our work environment.

Data Privacy & Protection Week: [INFOGRAPHIC] What is TEMPEST?

by Jaymie Murray 26. January 2015 08:17

In commemoration of the upcoming Data Privacy & Protection Day on January 28th, all this week the API blog will be highlighting our Secure Systems & Information Assurance products and capabilities. First we will explore TEMPEST... its history, how it impacts secure government and military data, and how the SST range of TEMPEST products can mitigate threats. To learn more about TEMPEST products and solutions, including thin clientsnotebooks, plugin filters, affordable monitors and computers, and more, visit

Meet Rebecca McCarron, Product Line Manager, RF, Microwave & Microelectronics

by Allison Goss 5. January 2015 10:02

Rebecca McCarron is the Product Line Manager at API Technologies’ Nashua, NH facility. The Nashua facility is home to many of API’s Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions like multiplexers, DFDs & IFMs, as well as passive components such as phase shifters, rotary joints, and switches

As Product Line Manager, Rebecca's role is to identify opportunities and develop strategies to meet the goals of the company through existing and new product introductions. She works closely with the engineering and production teams to support new product inquiries and development projects.  

Q. How did you get started with API Technologies?

A. I started with API Technologies back in 2009 when we were Sage Laboratories. I had worked with Mike Wisner (Director of Sales) at Huber & Suhner in the 1990s and early 2000s. I have been in my current role as Product Line Manager for a little over 3 years. 

Q. What are some fun facts about you?

A. I am a twin-- I have an identical twin sister, and before you ask she is 6 minutes older. I used to own a video rental store, so I am usually a great choice for trivia night! I've been commissioner in my fantasy football league for over a decade, so I am obviously a big football fan. I also really enjoy hockey. 

Q. What API product are you most proud of?

A. I’ve been very proud of the success we’ve had with our Switched Multiplexer with Integrated LNA. It’s been very well received in the market place and we’ve had great success customizing this filter to specific applications. 

Q. What’s coming up in 2015?

A. I am really excited about the improvements we're making to our flagship IFM (Instantaneous Frequency Measurement) product (FDFD7409-2), as well as a the introduction of an expanded digital offering. 

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Meet the Team | RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

12 Days of Products: High Frequency Amplifiers

by Jaymie Murray 24. December 2014 08:30

The holidays aren't the only things amped up around here! API designs and develops exceptional High Frequency Microwave Amplifiers for both commercial and defense applications. These state of the art designs start at 4 GHz, with designs reaching 50 GHz. API offers both standard and modified standard designs, with NO NRE CHARGE on most modified designs. Design your own High Frequency Amplifier, consult an engineer, or request a quote

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RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

12 Days of Products: Emcon All-In-One Secure Workstation

by Jaymie Murray 23. December 2014 09:15

The holiday season is all about multitasking, and so is the Emcon® All-In-One Secure Workstation! The All-In-One is a multi-domain solution that provides classified and unclassified network access all on one screen. There are many cases when a user needs to work simultaneously with a number of computers with both classified and unclassified access. The All-in-One provides these users with a native windowing environment across multiple isolated networks in a single platform. It is highly suited to Network Operations Centers and to the work environment defined by the new Canadian Government Workplace2.0 fit-up standards.

Learn more about the All-In-One, consult an engineer, or request a quote

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Secure Systems & Information Assurance

12 Days of Products: Standard Switched Filter Banks

by Jaymie Murray 22. December 2014 10:10

This holiday season is a good reminder that reducing costs is never a bad thing. API’s standard switched filter banks (310-020050-XXX series) offer customer-defined passband frequencies from 20 MHz to 7500 MHz with 2-7 channels, featuring the same high performance of a custom designed switched filter at a reduced cost. Cost reduction is achieved by using common switch manifolds and machined parts that are populated with custom filters. The filter banks are ideal for a wide range of applications where low cost and high performance are required.

Design a switched filter bank customized to your specifications, consult an engineer, or request a quote.


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RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

12 Days of Products: Resin Sealed EMI Filters

by Jaymie Murray 21. December 2014 08:30

Rudolph knows great EMI filters when he sees them! API's Resin Sealed EMI Filters are easily mounted in a tapped hole or thru-hole with supplied nut and lock-washer. The rugged case with resin seals at both ends provides excellent environmental protection. Applications include power supplies, signal lines, rocket igniters, medical equipment, and DC motors. Learn more about API's Resin Sealed EMI Filters, consult an engineer, or request a quote


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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

12 Days of Products: SST Streamline Range

by Jaymie Murray 20. December 2014 08:30

This season, who doesn't need a little streamlining? The SST Streamline Range of TEMPEST products are designed to comply with SDIP-27/I – Level B requirements.  The SCI4000 TEMPEST DELL™ Computer and the SL22TI TEMPEST Widescreen Monitor combine high performance with sturdy construction and blend seamlessly into any office environment. SST TEMPEST products are designed, manufactured, and tested under the direction of certified TEMPEST engineers in the Gloucester, UK facility, the first business in the UK to be accredited under the CESG Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme (CFTCS), and the only UK business to be both an accredited TEMPEST manufacturer and test house.

Learn more about the Streamline Range, contact us, or request a quote.

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Secure Systems & Information Assurance

12 Days of Products: Tactical Power Supply

by Jaymie Murray 19. December 2014 10:24

Holiday gifts aren't the only things coming off the shelf this season! The TPS Collection by API Technologies is a portable Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution designed for powering command & control communications systems and other critical EW & weapons equipment. The TPS features weatherproof & ruggedized construction which allows it to withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C to 85°C) and harsh environments including shock, vibration, and water spray. When fielded, the TPS reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles by eliminating run time to support powering fielded special ops equipment.

Learn more about the Tactical Power Supply, contact us, or request a quote.

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Power & Systems Solutions

12 Days of Products: ION™ SA5610-SAL - Avaya® SAL Edition Secure Appliance

by Jaymie Murray 18. December 2014 09:55

Gifts aren't the only things that need to delivered. The ION™ SA5610-SAL: Avaya® SAL Edition is a plug-and-play Avaya® Secure Access Link (SAL) appliance that provides remote service delivery. The appliance comes with a full standalone SAL Gateway preinstalled, which provides IP and secure dial-up connectivity to Avaya and heritage Nortel systems. The easy-to-install appliance allows technicians, service providers, and Avaya Support Services to conduct remote troubleshooting and maintenance for up to 400 managed devices, eliminating the need for a dedicated SAL server. This enables SAL users to quickly and cost effectively realize the benefits of the SAL platform with no implementation costs and reduced set-up times.

To learn more about the ION™ SA5610-SAL - Avaya® SAL Edition Secure Appliance, read the datasheet, contact us, or request a quote.


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