In Celebration of 1000 API Tweets!

by Tara Condon 1. November 2013 10:15

It began with a tiny chirp.
Or, more accurately: Tweet.
API Technologies entered the social universe on February 10, 2010 when the company launched its first Tweet. One day this week: We’ll be making our 1,000th.
Much has changed since that day. The company has grown into a leading provider of high-reliability products for commercial, industrial, and defense customers worldwide. And, our social reach has evolved and expanded along with it, including an active presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and this very blog.
The nature of the things we make and do demand that API Technologies be a force behind the scenes. While our highly engineered solutions keep planes in the air, soldiers protected, critical systems running, medical devices functioning, satellites transmitting, and people connected, we’re rarely the star of the show. We prefer our customers take center stage.
However, our social presence gives us the opportunity to step out of the engineering lab and on to your mobile phones and laptops. It is great to share some of the exciting stuff we’re working on and learn more about you in the process.

Thank you for the conversations. Thank you for inviting API Technologies to be part of your every day.
@api_taracondon (Tara Flynn Condon)
@api_jaymie (Jaymie Murray, also Lead Writer for @apitechnologies)
@melfisher_api (Mel Fisher)

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