Video: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about API Technologies’ Filtered Circular Connectors

by Amy Brown 16. December 2015 10:25

API Technologies offers a premium line of custom and specialty filtered circular connectors completely intermateable with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III.  These custom, high reliability, circular connectors have proven reputation for superior quality and performance.  In addition, we can accommodate your quick-turn schedule for prototyping by adding API design and manufactured planar or tubular ceramic capacitor filtering into the rear of a standard connector.  Check out these connectors and other product offering such as EMI Low Pass Filters and EMI Filtered Arrays by visiting our recently updated Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions website:

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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

Ceramics Week: API Helps Save Lives with Custom Engineered Ceramic Assemblies

by Amy Brown 20. November 2015 08:03

API Technologies has re-engaged with a leader in medical device manufacturing by supplying ceramic assemblies for the next generation of pacemaker designs for their internal defibrillator program.  Through a solid development program and our previous experience with the medical device pioneer, API’s EIS group will support the program with their custom engineered solutions to be included in their devices.  The integrated planar housing assembly will be a crucial component in the overall design and these new pacemakers will save lives!  API is extremely proud of this development and will continue to keep pace with the industry and its advancements and look forward to being a key element in the future of medical applications. 

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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

Ceramics Week: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About API's Tubular, Discoidial and Planar Ceramic Capacitors

by Jaymie Murray 17. November 2015 11:27



Discoidial Capacitors

Discoidal feed-through ceramic capacitors are the building blocks of the EMI filter industry. API Technologies discoidial capacitors provide great versatility in meeting varied voltage, capacitance and dimensional requirements. Our non-polar, multi-layer capacitors are small, reliable and high in dielectric strength. Operational temperatures of –55°C to +125°C are achieved with no voltage de-rating. The versatile nature of our discoidals makes them ideally suited for by-pass and filtering applications. Due to their low inductance construction, these capacitors perform extremely well in high frequency applications. The circular geometry of a discoidal feed-through capacitor offers many paths to ground, resulting in lower impedance and better filtering performance. The low profile and rugged design of our discoidal capacitors offer an excellent alternative to ceramic tubes.


Planar Ceramic Capacitors

API Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of Planar Array Capacitors for EMI filtering. Built using over 25 years expertise in multi-layer ceramic capacitor manufacturing, planar capacitors offer many advantages over stand-alone chip, discoidal or tubular capacitors: low profile, compact, quick assembly time. Various custom and industry standard geometries are available. Designs can incorporate multiple capacitance values, feed-thru holes and ground holes. With a combination of versatility and function, planar ceramic capacitors are quickly becoming the new standard in filtered connectors used in EMI suppression applications.



Tubular Ceramic Capacitors

API Technologies manufactures a wide variety of tubular ceramic capacitors, which are small in size, lightweight, non-polar and offer high dielectric strength. Operating temperatures of –55°C to +125°C are achieved with no voltage de-rating. All ceramic capacitors are fired to produce true monolithic structures, which are impervious to moisture and contamination. Outer terminations feature a nickel barrier and a final metal layer, typically silver.

We offer many variations of tubular capacitors to fit your custom application:

  • Various OD, ID and length configurations
  • Square tubes for surface mount applications
  • Lapped feed-thru capacitors
  • Custom style capability


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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

Ceramics Week: API's Ceramic Capabilities

by Jaymie Murray 17. November 2015 09:24

API Technologies has been making ceramic capacitors in the USA for nearly 50 years. During those five decades, API has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of high reliability advanced ceramics, producing over 20 million pieces per year. Our engineering team, comprised of ceramics manufacturing industry experts, combine with sophisticated research and development practices to create high quality advanced ceramics

Ceramic Capabilities High-reliability ceramics, made in America Capacitance Body profiles Materials Range NPO, X7R, Z5U, Y5V (BX, BR, and BQ Ratings) Planar Tube (Solid Wall and Embedded Electrodes) SMPS Capacitors Discoidal 0pF – 30uF API's ceramics are made in a 275,000 sq. ft. facility located in State College, PA Did you know? API Technologies has been making ceramic capacitors in the USA since 1968? Did you know? API Technologies produces 20 MILLION ceramic pieces each year? Did you know? State College facility is in close proximity to Penn State University, world renown for materials research and development Engineering Team with well-rounded knowledge gained through direct industry experience, both internally and externally, in ceramic manufacturing Electron Microscopes Variable pressure scanning electron microscope for structural analysis X-Ray Energy dispersive xray spectroscopy for elemental analysis Metallographic Microscopes Low and high optical metallographic microscopes for product examination Thermal Gravimetric analysis for material development Particle Size distribution and surface area analysis equipment for dispersion and milling development Contact Us: For more information on our State College facility and our ceramics capabilities, visit: +1 (814) 474-1571

Explore our ceramic capabilities, then contact us to learn more. 

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8 Advantages of API Technologies' EMI Filter Arrays

by Jaymie Murray 10. July 2015 10:32

The elimination of EMI/RFI interference is essential to successful EMC performance in an electronic system. For systems operating at frequencies above 50 MHz, shielding alone often cannot shunt unwanted harmonics, conducted or radiated, on power/control lines that run through compartments of an electronic enclosure. EMI filtered arrays that incorporate filter plates that facilitate entering or exiting sensitive compartments in an assembly are excellent methods to bring electronic interdependent functions/systems into compliance.

Filter plates allow a means of interfacing voltage and/or data to distant areas of a system without compromising its performance. Filter plates provide several advantages, including excellent isolation from 5 MHz to 18 GHz and beyond, reduced labor involved for installation, and reduced risk of damaging filter elements during installation. Connecting to these filter plates is easily accomplished through several methods, including ribbon style connectors, harnesses, hard wiring or directly soldering leads at a 90° angle to the printed circuit board.

Learn more about API Technologies' range of Filter Plates, contact us, or request a quote.

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Product Spotlight: Standard Snap-on LD-50 Load Detectors for Industrial Applications

by Jaymie Murray 8. May 2015 12:36

Innovative Snap-On load detectors mount on pre-wired systems without disrupting existing connections Broad frequency response of 30Hz to 15 kHz Measure currents up to 40 Amps RMS continuous and 120 Amps intermittent Excellent for economical energy management and automation control

View our standard product catalog or request a quote.

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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

Product Spotlight: Standard Current Transformers for Industrial Applications

by Jaymie Murray 8. May 2015 09:11

Measures electrical current by transforming current from high to low measurable values Wide primary current range of 3.5 to 800 amps Applications include advanced fault-tolerant computers and workstations, control panels reading current flowing to transformers, telecom and communications systems 50 Hz to 100 kHz operating frequency Available totally encapsulated, with or without wound primary turns and loading resistor Built to meet UL, MIL, VDE, CE specs. EMRL current transformers meet UL1244 Ideal for ampmeters, wattmeters, relays and cross current compensation current transformers

View our standard product catalog or request a quote.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About API's Standard Industrial Capacitors

by Jaymie Murray 5. May 2015 16:04


Switch Mode Power Supply Ceramic Capacitors

API's Switch Mode Power Supply Ceramic Capacitors have lower Equivalent Series Resistance (Low ESR), lower Equivalent Series Inductance (Low ESL), lower ripple voltage, and less self healing when compared to other captive elements. These standard stacked Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are ideal for high energy density products.


DC Link Film Capacitors

DC Link Film Capacitors are the ideal replacement for electrolytic capacitors. DC link capacitors feature a compact, cost effective design with high capacitance density and ripple current capabilities.


Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors

API's Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors are designed for general purpose applications such as bypassing, coupling or decoupling. These standard Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors can be used in both low and high impedance circuits, and are usually the smallest and most economical of the metallized capacitors.


Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

API's Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors for sound and audio (F series), and DC applications (G Series).


Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide Film Capacitors

API's Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide Film Capacitors are ideal for applications requiring the high stability and low retrace of polyphenylene sulfide, and can be integrated into applications where Polycarbonate film capacitors are needed.


Polypropylene & Foil Film Capacitors

API's Polypropylene & Foil Film Capacitors are designed primarily for DC applications where RF and audio components are small in comparison to the DC rating. However, they have been used successfully in AC power applications as well. 


Polyester & Foil Film Capacitors

API's Polyester & Foil Film Capacitors feature high insulation resistance, low frequency pulse discharge, and can handle high peak currents that are imperative for audio and power supply applications.

To view the entire standard industrial products catalog, visit

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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

API Technologies' Standard Power Filters

by Jaymie Murray 5. May 2015 09:48

API's standard power filters can be used in a variety of industrial applications including power generation, industrial fluid management, and AC/DC drives. The standard power filters product line includes Mini PCB Power Filters, Power Entry Modules, Power Line Filters, Single Line Filters, and Three-Phase Power Line Filters. With many items in stock and ready to ship, API can provide customers with quick turn-around times and reduced costs. View our new online standard products catalog or request a quote

AP I Te c hnologies' Stand ard P ower Filter s Standard Product Benefits Quick turn-around time High quality design & manufacturing Reduced costs Many items in stock & ready to ship API's standard electromagnetic products for industrial applications combine high quality design and manufacturing with quick turn-around times and lowered costs. Learn more about API's Standard Power Filters and view the online standard electromagnetic products catalog at Example Applications Power Generation Industrial Fluid Management AC/DC Drives Induction Heating API's Standard Power Filter Products 61-MPC Series: Rugged construction ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations 11-MPC Series: Available in PCB mount, bolt-in, fast-on Miniature PCB Power Filters Designed to perform in industrial environments Available with fast-on, bolt-in terminals or wire leads Single stage and dual stage High performance in both metal and plastic cases Ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations Excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse Delta and Wye configurations Both metal and plastic cases provide high performance Power Line & Three Phase Power Line Filters High frequency available Designed to perform in industrial environments Ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations Meets over-voltage of IEC 644 category II and complies with IEC 950 Metal case provides maximum isolation that optimizes performance UL recognized, CSA certified, TÜV approved (tested and found to be in accordance with VDE 0565 Part 3) Power Entry Modules 11-MPC Series: Available in PCB mount, bolt-in, fast-on tab or solder lug and is ideally suited for products that have limited board space & require a low cost alternative MPC-010/-015 Series: Compact design ideally suited for dense PCBs & where both positive & negative lines reduce EMI in one housing MSP Series: Compact EMI package with plus and minus lines and ideal design for 10A DC power lines /apitechnologies /apitechnologies /company/api-technologies-corp. /+Apitech1 Excellent EMI filtering in compact package Bolt-in style with D-shaped bushing for easy installation Design flexibility Ideally suited to help meet NEBS, GR1089, and EN55022 Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications Available with single, dual, and triple feed-thrus Various mounting brackets available Single Line Filters

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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

VIDEO: Introducing API Technologies' Standard Industrial Electromagnetics Products Catalog

by Jaymie Murray 4. May 2015 09:50

API Technologies has introduced an online catalog of standard electromagnetic products for industrial applications. The catalog includes power filters and power entry modules, capacitors, and magnetics designed and manufactured with the same API quality as our custom products, with quicker turn-around times. View the catalog or request a quote.

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