Fall 2014 New Product Roundup

by Tara Condon 1. December 2014 08:00

Our product teams have been hard at work this fall. In case you missed it, here is a summary of new API Technologies products announced over the past few weeks:

Already known as leaders in EMI filtering and protection products, we have extended our product line to address Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) threats. Our new line of Transient Energy Suppressant High Voltage HEMP Filters protects electronic equipment from potentially destructive energy transients due to surges, lightning, and electronic pulses (Press Release). 

We also announced the recent expansion of our Filtered Circular Connectors product line to Europe. Made in the UK, this line of filtered, MIL spec EMI connectors is an ideal choice for military, commercial aviation, and industrial applications.

Other products announced by our EIS product team include the new Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cables that offer excellent VSWR of less than 1.5:1 with frequencies ranging from 5 GHz to 50 GHz.

Along with a broad breadth of power management solutions – including the DC Solid State Power Controller - our Power team also offers innovative solutions products for military and homeland security. Our recently introduced Night Vision Test Set tests the quality of function of standard Gen II and Gen III night vision devices, including goggles, weapon sights, and drivers’ viewers. (Product Information)

Throughout this year, we have expanded our RF/Microwave and Microelectronics product line to include even more standard and customizable products, including synthesizers and amplifiers. As a complement, this fall we introduced a new, interactive RF / Microwave Online Design Tool. Called “The Configurator” for short, this web and mobile accessible tool lets engineers easily modify standard products to meet their unique design requirements. 

Radiation Hardened Voltage Regulators also joined our expanding line of rad hard power management products for space and satellites. The APPREG2 line of voltage regulators features a specialized enable function, which conserves power by allowing users to selectively power up / power down certain sections of their system electronics.

Just last week we announced the SST Secure Venue Tablet, a mobile computing solution for top secret data protection. Designed by our SST™ Product Team in collaboration with Dell and ViaSat and partners Microsoft and Intel, the product offers a discreet and powerful computing option for NATO countries. (A write-up in Computer Business Review sums it up quite nicely. You can also read the press release for more details.)

Also, our EMCON® Product Team recently rolled out the EMCON TEMPEST Level 1 Lexmark CX510, a multi-function printer (MFP) / multi-function device (MFD) solution for sensitive data environments. 

To explore these solutions or connect with a member of our design/engineering team, visit http://www.apitech.com

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API's Most Exciting New Products of 2013: AESA Scaleable Active Antenna Array Solutions

by Andrew Blount 31. December 2013 11:43

With great excitement this year we introduced the Active Antenna Array Solution, comprising of QTRM (Quad Transmit & Receive module) which are common building blocks enabling the construction of a scaleable AAAU (Active Antenna Array Unit). The AAAU has field replaceable units, enabling minimal downtime plus lower servicing costs. The AAAU and its building support multiple applications Datalinks, Satcom & Radar.

Watch this short animated video to learn more about how the AESA Scaleable Solution supports first line repair for easy integration and lower cost of ownership:

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RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

API's Most Exciting New Products of 2013: Multi-Featured Intelligent AC Power Master

by Andrea Kohler 27. December 2013 12:05

This AC Power Master (ACPM) expands on the proven line of ACPMs and takes power to the next level. With its intelligent remote management and monitoring via LAN (Telnet, SNMP, Web Interface) and two temperature probes, you can be assured that all sensitive network equipment remains up and running.

The Multi-Featured Intelligent PDU features 3-Phase Input with Single and Three Phase Outputs and can remotely manage Outlet Sequencing, Outlet Switching ON/OFF, Multiple Alarm Limits, Network Configurations, and more.

  • Overload Protection via Circuit Breakers
  • Auto-Shut Down Capabilities (Over/Under Temp, Over/Under Voltage, Over/Under Current)
  • Fault Condition Response with Override Switch
  • Local EPO Switch (Emergency Power Off)

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API's Most Exciting New Products of 2013: TPS75 Tactical Power Supply

by Andrea Kohler 23. December 2013 11:32

The TPS75 Tactical Power Supply made its debut at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition, Washington, DC in October. 

As power demands grow, soldiers struggle to deliver power when and where it is needed without having to rely on their vehicles as a power source.  The TPS75 Tactical Power Supply offers soldiers the on-demand power they need  to meet mission requirements, while eliminating the necessity for tactical vehicle-based power to support power-hungry applications.

The TPS75 allows the soldier to use an AC single or three phase generators or shore/community power and convert to 28 Volts of DC at 75Amps. The battery charger can be used to recharge vehicle batteries. The power supply can be operated remotely and can be exposed to extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

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API's Most Exciting New Products of 2013: SST's TEMPEST Level A Laptop

by Karen Gait 20. December 2013 10:41

2013 was an exciting year at API.  Across divisions and across the world, the API team has introduced diverse new products ranging from tactical power supplies and microwave amplifiers to TEMPEST laptops and circular connectors.

This post is the first in a series looking back at some of the new and innovative products that API has launched over the past year.


In order to be eligible to enter the competitive tendering process for a European MOD organisation, API's SST divison needed to offer a TEMPEST level A laptop. During the tender process it was discovered that our current OEM was End of Life, and should we win would not be available for this tender.

The tender criteria meant that cost was equally as important as technical compliance, and whilst the SST ethos is to produce the most aesthetically pleasing unit which exceeds the customer’s expectations with regards to functionality as well as appearance, this had to be tempered with a real focus on the unit cost of the laptop as European tenders are highly competitive.


Our design department was tasked with providing an attractive solution that met the target price identified by our sales team. I am proud that Sales and Engineering worked well together and compromised and cooperated to formulate a solution, ultimately resulting in the creation of the SN6570TF TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A Laptop.

SST won the tender, and because of all the good work done when we produced the laptop, we came in under budget on material costs, the production team was able to meet the original anticipated build time, and we were able to send the customer an attractive, technically-compliant solution on time!

To me, this laptop highlights the benefits of a company like SST within an organisation like API.  We are small enough to be able to form close teams that work well and recognise each other’s skills and strengths, yet we have the backing of such a strong brand name as API which provides additional confidence to our customers during the tendering process.

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