Product of the Day: Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Capacitors

by Jaymie Murray 26. July 2013 09:49

API's Advanced Ceramics product line features Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Capacitors, which are ideal for high energy density products found in both military and commercial markets.

  • Mil-PRF-49470 Qualified, DSCC 87106 and custom products available
  • Leaded parts safeguard against thermal and mechanical stresses
  • Capacitance values to 0.01 μF to 47 μF

Our high speed Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) capacitors, when compared to other capacitive elements, have:

  • Lower Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)
  • Lower Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL)
  • Lower ripple voltage and less self heating

Learn more about API's Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Capacitors

Product of the Day: Electronics Manufacturing Services

by Jaymie Murray 18. July 2013 14:54

API's Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Division recently received two new quality certifications; the ISO 13485:2003 medical certification and AS9100 Rev C aerospace certification. These new certifications will extend API's reach in the growing medical and aerospace markets. EMS customers don't come to API looking for an off-the-shelf product, or even one that can be adapted to suit their needs.  Instead, API partners with them on joint engineering efforts, product prototypes, and design engagements in order to create a product that is tailored to their exact needs and specifications.

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Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) | Product of the Day

Product of the Day: Nuclear Event Detector (NED)

by Jaymie Murray 10. July 2013 14:38


API's RF2M group's low power Nuclear Event Detector (NED) is equipped with the latest materials and technology to mitigate the effect of nuclear weapon outputs. The NED detects a radiation event and then sets a system flag which can either remove power from the electronics to be protected or drive the system into a known and controllable state. It is readily integrated into systems to support nuclear hardening. 

The NED is a highly effective, low cost solution for protecting system electronics exposed to a nuclear event.  By detecting and enabling power-down and allowing the system to be re-powered once the event has passed, system shutdown or power supply isolation can be implemented in response to the NED in a manner that avoids potentially permanent and catastrophic failures.

Learn more or inquire about the Nuclear Event Detector

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