Space Week: Did You Know... API's Products Help the World Communicate?

by Jaymie Murray 12. December 2014 09:32

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Space Week | API’s New Rad-Hard Power Conversion & Control Products: Q & A with Alan Tasker, Senior Design Engineer

by Jaymie Murray 9. December 2014 09:48

API Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of space-qualified, rad-hard linear regulators offering quiet, linear voltage regulation with stabilities over the full temperature range approaching that of a very stable voltage reference. In this Q & A, Alan Tasker, Senior Design Engineer, discusses the benefits and features of these products, and the different models available. 

Q:  API recently launched new radiation hardened (rad-hard) power conversion & control products, including the APPREG Positive Voltage Regulator, the APPREG2 Positive Voltage Regulator with enable/disable capability, and the APNREG Negative Voltage Regulator. What makes these new products unique?

A: API is the first to offer these types of products as hybrids, so these are a completely new offering to the market. These products are available in three different models, giving engineers a range of options to best suit their individual needs. The basic model has a variable voltage range of 1.25 to 37, while the stable model has a range of 7.5 to 37 across the temperature range. The fixed model offers the most stability and is already trimmed to an exact voltage. They are available in 7.5, 10, or 15 volt designs.

Q: What new features are being introduced with these new products?

A: Each design is available with or without a voltage limit circuit. This functionality comes into play if a remote sense connection is broken. API is the only company offering full remote sense functionality with our power conversion and control products.  If the remote sense connection is severed, the optional resistor limits a rise in output voltage.

Q:  Who are some of the end users of these products, and in what applications can they be found?

A: These particular products are made specifically for the extreme radiation and temperature cycling found in space. They are MIL-PRF-38534 Class K compliant, which means that they meet the stringent requirements for government space, military, and aerospace programs. API’s rad-hard power conversion and control products can also be used for commercial applications such as communications satellites.

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RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

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