12 Days of Products: ION™ SA5610-SAL - Avaya® SAL Edition Secure Appliance

by Jaymie Murray 18. December 2014 09:55

Gifts aren't the only things that need to delivered. The ION™ SA5610-SAL: Avaya® SAL Edition is a plug-and-play Avaya® Secure Access Link (SAL) appliance that provides remote service delivery. The appliance comes with a full standalone SAL Gateway preinstalled, which provides IP and secure dial-up connectivity to Avaya and heritage Nortel systems. The easy-to-install appliance allows technicians, service providers, and Avaya Support Services to conduct remote troubleshooting and maintenance for up to 400 managed devices, eliminating the need for a dedicated SAL server. This enables SAL users to quickly and cost effectively realize the benefits of the SAL platform with no implementation costs and reduced set-up times.

To learn more about the ION™ SA5610-SAL - Avaya® SAL Edition Secure Appliance, read the datasheet, contact us, or request a quote.


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