API's Most Exciting New Products of 2013: Multi-Featured Intelligent AC Power Master

by Andrea Kohler 27. December 2013 12:05

This AC Power Master (ACPM) expands on the proven line of ACPMs and takes power to the next level. With its intelligent remote management and monitoring via LAN (Telnet, SNMP, Web Interface) and two temperature probes, you can be assured that all sensitive network equipment remains up and running.

The Multi-Featured Intelligent PDU features 3-Phase Input with Single and Three Phase Outputs and can remotely manage Outlet Sequencing, Outlet Switching ON/OFF, Multiple Alarm Limits, Network Configurations, and more.

  • Overload Protection via Circuit Breakers
  • Auto-Shut Down Capabilities (Over/Under Temp, Over/Under Voltage, Over/Under Current)
  • Fault Condition Response with Override Switch
  • Local EPO Switch (Emergency Power Off)

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API's Most Exciting New Products of 2013: TPS75 Tactical Power Supply

by Andrea Kohler 23. December 2013 11:32

The TPS75 Tactical Power Supply made its debut at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition, Washington, DC in October. 

As power demands grow, soldiers struggle to deliver power when and where it is needed without having to rely on their vehicles as a power source.  The TPS75 Tactical Power Supply offers soldiers the on-demand power they need  to meet mission requirements, while eliminating the necessity for tactical vehicle-based power to support power-hungry applications.

The TPS75 allows the soldier to use an AC single or three phase generators or shore/community power and convert to 28 Volts of DC at 75Amps. The battery charger can be used to recharge vehicle batteries. The power supply can be operated remotely and can be exposed to extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

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Power & Systems Solutions

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