Introducing the "12 Days of Products"!

by Jaymie Murray 14. December 2014 08:00

2014 has been another exciting year at API Technologies, with many new products being introduced and existing products continuing to help our customers realize their goals. We are proud of these high-reliability, mission-critical products and what they do for our customers. As the year draws to a close, we are celebrating these products with a brand new feature... "12 Days of Products"! Keep visiting this blog to see a new product featured every day for the next 12 days!


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Fall 2014 New Product Roundup

by Tara Condon 1. December 2014 08:00

Our product teams have been hard at work this fall. In case you missed it, here is a summary of new API Technologies products announced over the past few weeks:

Already known as leaders in EMI filtering and protection products, we have extended our product line to address Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) threats. Our new line of Transient Energy Suppressant High Voltage HEMP Filters protects electronic equipment from potentially destructive energy transients due to surges, lightning, and electronic pulses (Press Release). 

We also announced the recent expansion of our Filtered Circular Connectors product line to Europe. Made in the UK, this line of filtered, MIL spec EMI connectors is an ideal choice for military, commercial aviation, and industrial applications.

Other products announced by our EIS product team include the new Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cables that offer excellent VSWR of less than 1.5:1 with frequencies ranging from 5 GHz to 50 GHz.

Along with a broad breadth of power management solutions – including the DC Solid State Power Controller - our Power team also offers innovative solutions products for military and homeland security. Our recently introduced Night Vision Test Set tests the quality of function of standard Gen II and Gen III night vision devices, including goggles, weapon sights, and drivers’ viewers. (Product Information)

Throughout this year, we have expanded our RF/Microwave and Microelectronics product line to include even more standard and customizable products, including synthesizers and amplifiers. As a complement, this fall we introduced a new, interactive RF / Microwave Online Design Tool. Called “The Configurator” for short, this web and mobile accessible tool lets engineers easily modify standard products to meet their unique design requirements. 

Radiation Hardened Voltage Regulators also joined our expanding line of rad hard power management products for space and satellites. The APPREG2 line of voltage regulators features a specialized enable function, which conserves power by allowing users to selectively power up / power down certain sections of their system electronics.

Just last week we announced the SST Secure Venue Tablet, a mobile computing solution for top secret data protection. Designed by our SST™ Product Team in collaboration with Dell and ViaSat and partners Microsoft and Intel, the product offers a discreet and powerful computing option for NATO countries. (A write-up in Computer Business Review sums it up quite nicely. You can also read the press release for more details.)

Also, our EMCON® Product Team recently rolled out the EMCON TEMPEST Level 1 Lexmark CX510, a multi-function printer (MFP) / multi-function device (MFD) solution for sensitive data environments. 

To explore these solutions or connect with a member of our design/engineering team, visit

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API Supports Breast Cancer Research

by Jaymie Murray 4. November 2013 14:45

The API team in Windber, PA

In the fight against breast cancer, every penny that goes toward research has the potential to save a life.  The team at API wanted to take a small part in that fight by raising some money to donate to local cancer research in the communities where our employees live and work.  API team member Ryan Benjamin (HR Coordinator, Philadelphia) designed the shirts that were then sold at our locations nationwide. With all net proceeds of the 457 t-shirts sold going to the cause, the team donated $2,380 to cancer research organizations across the country! 

We at API are so proud to be able to make a contribution to this noble cause, and we hope that it will inspire others to do the same.  Don't forget, October may be over, but the fight against breast cancer isn't!  Learn more about how to get involved in your community.

See more photos of our team members decked out in their Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts!


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In Celebration of 1000 API Tweets!

by Tara Condon 1. November 2013 10:15

It began with a tiny chirp.
Or, more accurately: Tweet.
API Technologies entered the social universe on February 10, 2010 when the company launched its first Tweet. One day this week: We’ll be making our 1,000th.
Much has changed since that day. The company has grown into a leading provider of high-reliability products for commercial, industrial, and defense customers worldwide. And, our social reach has evolved and expanded along with it, including an active presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and this very blog.
The nature of the things we make and do demand that API Technologies be a force behind the scenes. While our highly engineered solutions keep planes in the air, soldiers protected, critical systems running, medical devices functioning, satellites transmitting, and people connected, we’re rarely the star of the show. We prefer our customers take center stage.
However, our social presence gives us the opportunity to step out of the engineering lab and on to your mobile phones and laptops. It is great to share some of the exciting stuff we’re working on and learn more about you in the process.

Thank you for the conversations. Thank you for inviting API Technologies to be part of your every day.
@api_taracondon (Tara Flynn Condon)
@api_jaymie (Jaymie Murray, also Lead Writer for @apitechnologies)
@melfisher_api (Mel Fisher)

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API Technologies Day at BAE Systems

by Jaymie Murray 30. September 2013 09:40

On the 2nd of October, BAE Systems, a leading multinational defence, security and aerospace company, will host API’s RF2M-UK team for a special API Technology Day at their facility in Rochester, Kent, in the UK.   During this all day event, a variety of subject matter experts and engineers from API’s RF/Microwave & Microelectronics division will give in-depth presentations on the features and capabilities of some of API’s most exciting products, including the new OPTO-Fire Optical Databus.

Following the presentations, API will participate in a lunchtime table top exhibition followed by an informal open house where BAE engineers can stop by and discuss API’s capabilities and products with the team (and pick up one of our special API Technology Day gliders!).


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Social Media Recap!

by Molly Weis 17. September 2013 16:06


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New & Improved API Solutions Guide

by Jaymie Murray 30. July 2013 15:52

Hot off the presses, its API's updated Solutions Guide! This brochure has an overview of each of our solutions areas: RF / Microwave / Microelectronics, Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS), Power & Systems Solutions, Secure Systems & Information Assurance (SSIA), and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS).

Click the image to download the pdf version of the API Solutions Guide.

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API Technologies: Company Overview

by Jaymie Murray 3. July 2013 10:02
All about API and the wide range of solutions & products that we offer: RF/Microwave/Microelectronics, Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS), Power & Systems Solutions, Secure Systems & Information Assurance (SSIA), and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS).

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