Commercial Wireless Solutions Week | Meet the Team: John Yania, Filters Product Line Manager

by Jaymie Murray 18. February 2015 14:00

In his role as Filters Product Line Manager, John Yania engages with customers to find the best filter solution to suit their project requirements. For customers in the telecom and wireless communications industry, John uses his extensive experience and product knowledge to create custom bandpass, bandreject, and duplexers / diplexers filters for broadband networks, communication uplink / downlink systems, spectrum clearing, as well as many other applications. 

Q: What is your role, how long have you worked at API, and what does your position entail?

A: I was one of the founders of FSY Microwave in 1983, which was then acquired by Spectrum Microwave in 2002, which became API a few years ago.  I have been in this field for over 30 years and with API since they expanded their RF & Microwave business.  

I’m the Filter Product Line Manager in API’s RF, Microwave & Microelectronics (RF2M) group.  In this role, I work directly with our customers to create fully customized filters that are optimized to fit their needs, whatever they may be.   

Q: What are some of the custom needs our customers have? 

A: None of our filters are standard, off-the-shelf products.  Every filter we make is created specifically for our customers to fulfill their needs.  Whenever I work with a customer, I try to engage with them early on in the process to get a better idea of their priorities so we can create the design based on those needs.  Sometimes cost is the most important factor, sometimes size, rejection, insertion loss, or another electrical parameter is paramount.  If the filter is going to be used for defense or space applications, a fighter plane or a satellite for example, reliability is obviously going to be the prime concern.  

For our commercial customers, I’ve found that they put a lot of emphasis on quick turnaround times.  If a company wants to be first to the market with a brand new idea, they need to get their products manufactured as soon as possible.   Commercial customers tend to want much more compressed development times and a significantly higher volume of filters compared to our defense customers, but API has the expertise and infrastructure in place to be able to fulfill these needs.

Q: What are the commercial applications for our filters? 

Our filters can be found in a wide range of commercial products, from medical testing instruments to GPS equipment.  In cable TV applications, our filters are used to ensure customers only receive their package’s channels.  For utility companies, API’s filters are used for remote meter reading.  These readings can be sent directly to the utility, or can be scanned by a van passing through the area.  Our Rancho Cordova, CA location mainly manufactures filters that are used in wireless and other demanding commercial applications.  We also provide filters used in location tracking for our commercial as well as defense customers.  

Q: What differentiates our products from what our competitors offer?

A: Over the years, we’ve created over 10,000 different models for our customers.  It’s highly unusual for us to sell the same exact part to two different customers.  I think that is what really sets us apart from our competitors.  We partner with our customers to create a filter that fits their exact specifications, rather than taking an existing product and then adapting it.  We don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” philosophy that some of our competitors have, and that really does add value to our proposition.  

We also offer our customers the option of having their filters produced at our low cost manufacturing facility in Mexico.  By utilizing our production team in Mexico, our customers can cut costs without sacrificing quality.  The filters produced there are exactly the same as the ones produced in the US, but we are able to pass the labor savings on to our customers.  

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Meet the Team | RF/Microwave & Microelectronics

Commercial Wireless Solutions Week: API Technologies’ RF, Microwave Solutions for Commercial Wireless Applications

by Molly Weis 17. February 2015 13:48

API Technologies provides a wide range of RF and microwave solutions for commercial wireless applications. With a variety of customizable topologies and models available, API has filter designs that can fulfill the requirements of a host of commercial wireless projects, including satellite communications, GPS, remote meter reading, and more.

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Commercial Wireless Solutions Week Case Study: API's Filter Mitigates BAS Interference for Major Telecom Company

by Jaymie Murray 16. February 2015 15:27

Over the years, API Technologies has built a solid reputation among wireless service providers by solving even the most challenging interference issues. API's range of filter designs for the telecom industry offer a host of customizable topologies and models that can be modified and adapted to meet the specific needs of the customer. One such customer, a major telecom company, struggled with significant and persistent issues concerning Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) interference in Electronic News Gathering (ENG) trucks. After several other companies tried and failed to rectify the situation, the telecom company engaged API Technologies. The result? Find out in this case study:

Case Study: API Technologies’ Filter Mitigates BAS Interference for Major Telecom Company Challenge A major telecommunications company that provides wireless, internet, and digital television services was experiencing a persistent and complex issue with television Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) interference. One particular major network affiliate in a large metropolitan area was having severe problems with their Electronic News Gathering (ENG) trucks. The frequencies used by these trucks to transmit news video back to the station were experiencing severe interference problems. The interference was so severe that the company had to contact several filter manufacturers to attempt to mitigate the situation, to no avail. However, when they contacted API Technologies, a company that had previously successfully solved a similar problem by using an Advanced Wireless System (AWS) and Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) interference mitigation filter (CMN719 2.1 GHz Band Reject Filter), API was confident that they could solve this issue. Solution After only three months of design iterations and lab calculations, API’s first filter prototypes were sent out for field testing. While a significant improvement was seen, it was not quite enough to allow the BAS receivers to function properly. The prototype filters were then sent back to API, minor re-tuning adjustments were made, and the units were shipped back to the customer, all within the span of one week. The interference problem was identified as Out Of Band Emissions (OOBE) and was remedied with API’s customized CMN719 2.1 GHz Band Reject Filter. Result Within a month the telecom company had sent out a directive to all of their regional offices which described this problem, API’s filter solution, and the requirement to install the filters at all cellular sites that may be impacting the BAS receive frequencies. Within only eight months, affiliates in nine different regions ordered over a thousand filters to finally solve their BAS interference issues.After solving this major issue for this customer, it brought to light an interesting possibility: if this telecom provider was experiencing this problem, there is a good chance that television networks and their affiliates around the country are being affected by OOBE without even realizing it or knowing that it can be easily rectified using API’s CMN719 2.1 GHz Band Reject Filter. API's CMN719 2.1 GHz Band Reject Filter API’s reputation for designing and delivering some of today’s most challenging bandreject filters is the reason why engineers trust us with their designs. Choosing from a wide assortment of topologies, including lumped element, cavity, ceramic, waveguide and suspended substrate, our engineers match the optimum topology to your requirements. The customizable CMN719 2.1 GHz Band Reject Filter features 2030 to 2109.5 MHz passband, 1.60 dB max insertion loss, 16 dB min return loss, and 60 dB min    2110.6 – 2121.5 MHz rejection. To learn more about this model and API's other filters for wireless communications, visit

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Introducing Commercial Wireless Solutions Week

by Molly Weis 13. February 2015 14:57

With mobile broadband capacity and coverage demands continually on the rise, due to the pervasive adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other technologies made possible by the wireless spectrum, more and more users are requiring 24/7 access to data when they want it and wherever they want it. Yet, as more people become equipped with wireless devices, congestion across available communications frequencies increases, while signal performance decreases. 

This creates an ongoing challenge for the billions of consumers, businesses, networks and broadcasters trying to communicate with each other at any given time, and provides an opportunity for designers and manufacturers of high performance RF, microwave and power distribution solutions for the commercial wireless and telecommunications industries, like API Technologies, to work our engineering magic to make clear, consistent connectivity a reality.

Through commitment to technical innovation and engineering, rapid development and prototyping, and multi-site manufacturing and vertical integration capabilities, our standard, configurable and custom-designed high-reliability solutions are designed to address the most complex RF interference mitigation challenges, enable commercial radar and SATCOM connectivity, and meet the needs of network coverage and capacity and remote power supply and monitoring demands.

Through our core expertise in high performance filter technologies and power management solutions, API has supplied tens of thousands of filters, wireless assemblies, and power supply sources worldwide into wireless networking infrastructures, base station OEMs, neutral host venues, satellite and broadcast systems, and beyond.

All this week, the API blog will be exploring these commercial wireless solutions capabilities, demonstrating how API's range of filters and solutions solve even the most challenging issues for our customers.  

API Technologies Commercial Wireless Solutions Co-Site Interference Mitigation Filters API Technologies has developed and produced high quality, High Q Filters and assisted major wireless carriers and installers with co-location solutions at BTS sites for over three decades. Using state-of-the art design software, precision CNC machining, and the highest quality materials available, our design team consistently achieves the highest performance features including low PIM (passive intermodulation), high isolation and low insertion loss. Wireless Filter Assemblies & Sub-Systems A leader in the design and development of customer-driven, custom filtering solutions, API Technologies produces a wide range of filter-based assemblies and sub-systems, such as distributed antenna systems, receiver multicouplers, and transmit combiners, in multiple platforms, integrating passive or active components including multiplexers, couplers, power dividers, delay lines, amplifiers and more. These high performance wireless assemblies are ideal for deployment into base stations, communication towers and other wireless cell-site applications. High Performance, Fully Customizable Multi-Channel Filters API Technologies specializes in high quality RF, microwave filters for commercial wireless applications where superior performance in the smallest footprint possible is required. Our extensive portfolio of filter products includes bandpass, bandreject, lowpass and highpass filter designs, operating in bands from 1 MHz to 50 GHz, encompassing a wide range of topologies including cavity, lumped, ceramic, coaxial, SAW and suspended stripline. AC, DC, and Electronic Switched Power Distribution Units API Technologies offers smart switched power distribution units (PDUs) in both AC and DC options which include our AC SMARTStart® and DC SMARTStart®. These PDUs are designed to remotely control power loads and monitor vital parameters such as line voltage, total load current and line frequency. Our electronic switched PDU timer box simultaneously charges dozens of devices by switching outlets in 15 and/or 30 minute intervals and is an ideal drop-in solution for OEM manufacturers of wireless base station or cell-site infrastructure.

Learn more about API's commercial wireless solutions, contact us for more information, or request a quote

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AFCEA West 2015 Week: Show Preview

by Jaymie Murray 6. February 2015 09:24

AFCEA West 2015 starts on Tuesday, February 10th, and API will be exhibiting a range of products from our Power and Microwave lines. Here's a preview of what you can expect to see at booth #1943.


Tactical Power Supply (TPS) SolutionThe TPS75, a 75 Amp COTS tactical power supply, supports power-hungry applications, such as RF and mobile networks, while eliminating the necessity for tactical vehicle-based power, significantly reducing TOC for military vehicles. 

AC SMARTStart® 3-Phase Power Distribution UnitsThe 3 Phase AC SMARTStart provides power control and distribution for high powered applications. AC SMARTStarts are configurable devices with remotely managed power sequencing and fault management. Remote monitoring reduces the threat of downtime by avoiding unintended power interruptions. 

Power Entry Panel (PEP)The Power Entry Panel (PEP) is a 10KW AC power panel with an automatic transfer switch made to seamlessly transfer from vehicle power to generator or community power. Designed for Command Post Platforms and other derivatives to distribute onboard vehicle power as well as shore power, the PEP ensures reliable power to critical communications and telemetry equipment with minimal downtime and optimal performance.

Power AmplifiersAPI Technologies’ wide bandwidth and high reliability Power Amplifiers operate up to 26 GHz, with output levels from 500mW to 1Kw. Our Power Amplifier products support critical communication requirements for both commercial and military applications.

Wireless Communications FiltersAPI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high performance filter products for the wireless telecom industry, with expertise in co-location solutions, wireless site development, spectrum clearing, and communication up-link / down-link systems.

If you are attending the show and would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a member of the API team, contact us

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AFCEA West 2015 Week: Customize API's Rugged AC SMARTStart®

by Jaymie Murray 5. February 2015 10:11

The AC SMARTStart® High Reliability (HR) Series is a tactical AC switched power distribution unit that offers a wide range of customizations based on customer needs. Options include input/output voltage, 120 VAC or 220 VAC configurations, single or 3 Ø design, 8 or 16 outlet configuration, protections for harsh environments or extreme weather conditions, as well as many other customizations. To facilitate the customization process, API has developed an AC SMARTStart® Customization Tool to allow customers to create a product tailored to their individual needs. 

Create your own custom version of the Rugged AC SMARTStart®, see a product demo at booth #1943 at AFCEA West 2015, request a quote, or contact us

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AFCEA West 2015 Week: Why the Rugged MIL-STD Power Entry Panel is the Ideal Solution for AC & DC Shore and Onboard Power Distribution

by Jaymie Murray 4. February 2015 11:00

API's Rugged MIL-STD Power Entry Panels (PEP) distribute onboard vehicle power and shore power to Command Post Platforms and other derivatives, ensuring reliable power is sent to critical communications and telemetry equipment with minimal downtime and optimal performance. Designed to MIL-STD 810 standards, the rugged PEP is made to withstand brutal elements without sacrificing functionality, portability, or power. This unique combination of features makes the PEP an excellent solution for AC & DC shore and onboard power distribution. 

  • Ideal Input/Output (I/O) Power. Featuring both +24/28 VDC (5.6 kW) @ 200 Amps and 3 Phase AC (21.6 kW) @ 60 Amp per Phase I/O distribution capability, the power panel also includes a 3 Phase 60 Amp pass through connector interface to support additional forward operating base requirements. 
  • Built Rugged. The PEP was designed to withstand the harsh conditions often found in the field. It is operational from -46º C to 60 º C, and meets MIL-STD 810 standards for shock, vibration, rail impact, water tightness, and fungus, as well as MIL-STD 461E EMC requirements.
  • SWaP-ped. The size, weight, and power consumption have all been reduced in this unit, all while enhancing functionality. Overall weight has been reduced by 22% (72 lbs. vs. 92 lbs.), and maximum specified volume has been reduced by 53% (1.27 ft³ vs. 2.7 ft³). These reductions allow for an easier installation, creates more space for new configurations, increases fuel savings, and adds to payload capacity.
  • Fault Protected. The PEP is a reliable fault protected power distribution system capable of preventing damage to critical mission sensitive data & communication hardware in the shelter or tactical vehicles.

Learn more about the Rugged MIL-STD Power Entry Panel by visiting booth #1943 at AFCEA West 2015, request a quote, or contact us. 

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AFCEA West 2015 Week: TPS75 Tactical Power Supply

by Jaymie Murray 2. February 2015 08:39

At this year's AFCEA West, the premier conference and exposition for emerging systems, platforms, and technologies that impact US Navy Sea Service operations in the Asia-Pacific region, API's Power team will showcase our full line of power solutions. All this week on the API blog, we will be highlighting the full range of products and solutions that will be on display at booth #1943 February 10-12 at the San Diego Convention Center.


One of the many products highlighted is the TPS75 Tactical Power Supply. Specifically designed for use in the harsh environments often encountered by the military, the TPS75 is a 75 Amp commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tactical power supply that provides critical power when it is needed the most. The TPS75 meets MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461 standards, and eliminates the necessity for tactical vehicle-based power, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for military vehicles. Powerful and portable, the TPS75 features an integrated battery charger designed to charge vehicle batteries, remote monitoring and control, an available roll cage, and watertight construction which allows it to be placed in harsh environments such as standing water, rain, and blowing sand. 



By eliminating run time to support powering fielded special ops equipment, the TPS75 reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles, and allows vehicles to be deployed elsewhere while the TPS75 distributes power to mission critical equipment from a generator or local shore/community power. The TPS75 is also significantly quieter than the loud vehicles that can be shut off while the TPS75 charges network equipment, making it an excellent solution for simulation and training environments. 

Learn more about the TPS75 and see a demo at booth #1943 at AFCEA West 2015, request a quote, or contact us. 

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Data Privacy & Protection Week: Meet Richard Mundy, SSIA Security Manager

by Karen Gait 27. January 2015 11:38

As part of our Data Protection Week we introduce the SSIA Security Manager Richard Mundy, who is responsible for the overall data protection and information security for the SST product line. As technical sales director and security manager, Richard is responsible for managing key sales accounts as well as information and overall security at the SST location.

Q: What is your background and when did you start at SST?

A: As a teenager I completed an apprenticeship with Square D Ltd during which achieved a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. This resulted in a role as a design engineer. I have been a senior development engineer / assistant chief engineer at Philips TMC designing telephone equipment and PABXs where I also gained my Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After holding a variety of senior management roles at Dowty Limited and Menvier, I joined SST as the technical director (which has evolved into the technical sales director role) I also took on the additional responsibility of the security manager. 

Q: How important is data protection in your role?

A: Data protection is vital for all companies in order to protect sensitive competitive information.  This ranges from critical design information through to financial and operating information for companies. Every company also has an obligation to protect an individual’s identity and information, whether this be employee, customer, or supplier. With our role in the industry in which we operate this is particularly important as we handle classified information on behalf of the UK government and NATO organisations. This is a full time commitment to keeping aware of the latest risks and vulnerabilities, taking appropriate action to mitigate these threats, and managing the IT infrastructure to provide the best possible protection. 

Q: Is data protection and information security important away from the workplace?

A: For a great deal of these issues highlighted for companies to consider, there are parallels for individuals to consider in their home life.  The consequences of identity theft are well publicised and can cause significant financial or other hardships.  We should all be well aware of looking after our credit card and similar personal details nowadays, but how far do we take this really?  Do we adequately destroy bill receipts?  Are we careful of what we throw into the general refuse bin?  Do we change default passwords on home WIFI networks and similar equipments? Maybe not as often as we should... it is critical that we are equally vigilant in our personal life as in our work environment.

Meet Rebecca McCarron, Product Line Manager, RF, Microwave & Microelectronics

by Allison Goss 5. January 2015 10:02

Rebecca McCarron is the Product Line Manager at API Technologies’ Nashua, NH facility. The Nashua facility is home to many of API’s Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions like multiplexers, DFDs & IFMs, as well as passive components such as phase shifters, rotary joints, and switches

As Product Line Manager, Rebecca's role is to identify opportunities and develop strategies to meet the goals of the company through existing and new product introductions. She works closely with the engineering and production teams to support new product inquiries and development projects.  

Q. How did you get started with API Technologies?

A. I started with API Technologies back in 2009 when we were Sage Laboratories. I had worked with Mike Wisner (Director of Sales) at Huber & Suhner in the 1990s and early 2000s. I have been in my current role as Product Line Manager for a little over 3 years. 

Q. What are some fun facts about you?

A. I am a twin-- I have an identical twin sister, and before you ask she is 6 minutes older. I used to own a video rental store, so I am usually a great choice for trivia night! I've been commissioner in my fantasy football league for over a decade, so I am obviously a big football fan. I also really enjoy hockey. 

Q. What API product are you most proud of?

A. I’ve been very proud of the success we’ve had with our Switched Multiplexer with Integrated LNA. It’s been very well received in the market place and we’ve had great success customizing this filter to specific applications. 

Q. What’s coming up in 2015?

A. I am really excited about the improvements we're making to our flagship IFM (Instantaneous Frequency Measurement) product (FDFD7409-2), as well as a the introduction of an expanded digital offering. 

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