API Provides Film Caps for Commercial Aerospace Programs

by Amy Brown 14. January 2014 16:32

API's Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS) group is excited to continue adding to our family of products for the largest film capacitors customer in API company history!  We have added 13 film capacitors part number configurations to our already extensive line and will support the strategic motor controls design for the Boeing 787 and Bombardier Q.  Our Polypropylene DC Link capacitors are compact and have a cost effective design that works with the common 10 kW system, making it adaptable to other platforms as well.  These applications are not new to API, but we are honored to be continually involved in providing specialty products to the commercial aerospace industry.

Learn more about API's extensive line of film capacitors or find a sales rep or distributor.

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Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS)

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