6 Benefits of API Technologies' TPS75 Tactical Power Supply Solution

by Jaymie Murray 25. September 2014 11:58

Faced with growing demands from increasingly power-hungry, high tech devices, soldiers in the field often struggle to access the critical and reliable ower they need for these devices. API Technologies' TPS75, a 75 Amp commerical off-the-shelf (COTS) tactical power supply, provides these soldiers with the essential power and portability they need to satisfy mission requirements.

TPS75 Benefits:

  1. Supports the heavy power demands of applications such as RF and mobile networks and eliminates the need for tactical, vehicle-based power
  2. Allows vehicles to be deployed elsewhere while it distributes power to mission critical equipment from a generator or local shore/community power
  3. Decreases fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles by eliminating run time to support powering fielded special ops equipment
  4. By using generators with the TPS75, loud vehicles are not necessary for powering network equipment and can be turned off, allowing soldiers to work in a quieter, and at times, safer, environment. This also makes the TPS75 perfect for simulation and training environments
  5. Rugged design makes it the first of its kind to offer an integrated vehicle battery charger with an available roll cage and watertight construction, allowing it to function in harsh environments such as standing water, rain, and blowing sand
  6. Reduces the overall cost of ownership of military vehicles

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