Introducing Commercial Wireless Solutions Week

by Molly Weis 13. February 2015 14:57

With mobile broadband capacity and coverage demands continually on the rise, due to the pervasive adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other technologies made possible by the wireless spectrum, more and more users are requiring 24/7 access to data when they want it and wherever they want it. Yet, as more people become equipped with wireless devices, congestion across available communications frequencies increases, while signal performance decreases. 

This creates an ongoing challenge for the billions of consumers, businesses, networks and broadcasters trying to communicate with each other at any given time, and provides an opportunity for designers and manufacturers of high performance RF, microwave and power distribution solutions for the commercial wireless and telecommunications industries, like API Technologies, to work our engineering magic to make clear, consistent connectivity a reality.

Through commitment to technical innovation and engineering, rapid development and prototyping, and multi-site manufacturing and vertical integration capabilities, our standard, configurable and custom-designed high-reliability solutions are designed to address the most complex RF interference mitigation challenges, enable commercial radar and SATCOM connectivity, and meet the needs of network coverage and capacity and remote power supply and monitoring demands.

Through our core expertise in high performance filter technologies and power management solutions, API has supplied tens of thousands of filters, wireless assemblies, and power supply sources worldwide into wireless networking infrastructures, base station OEMs, neutral host venues, satellite and broadcast systems, and beyond.

All this week, the API blog will be exploring these commercial wireless solutions capabilities, demonstrating how API's range of filters and solutions solve even the most challenging issues for our customers.  

API Technologies Commercial Wireless Solutions Co-Site Interference Mitigation Filters API Technologies has developed and produced high quality, High Q Filters and assisted major wireless carriers and installers with co-location solutions at BTS sites for over three decades. Using state-of-the art design software, precision CNC machining, and the highest quality materials available, our design team consistently achieves the highest performance features including low PIM (passive intermodulation), high isolation and low insertion loss. Wireless Filter Assemblies & Sub-Systems A leader in the design and development of customer-driven, custom filtering solutions, API Technologies produces a wide range of filter-based assemblies and sub-systems, such as distributed antenna systems, receiver multicouplers, and transmit combiners, in multiple platforms, integrating passive or active components including multiplexers, couplers, power dividers, delay lines, amplifiers and more. These high performance wireless assemblies are ideal for deployment into base stations, communication towers and other wireless cell-site applications. High Performance, Fully Customizable Multi-Channel Filters API Technologies specializes in high quality RF, microwave filters for commercial wireless applications where superior performance in the smallest footprint possible is required. Our extensive portfolio of filter products includes bandpass, bandreject, lowpass and highpass filter designs, operating in bands from 1 MHz to 50 GHz, encompassing a wide range of topologies including cavity, lumped, ceramic, coaxial, SAW and suspended stripline. AC, DC, and Electronic Switched Power Distribution Units API Technologies offers smart switched power distribution units (PDUs) in both AC and DC options which include our AC SMARTStart® and DC SMARTStart®. These PDUs are designed to remotely control power loads and monitor vital parameters such as line voltage, total load current and line frequency. Our electronic switched PDU timer box simultaneously charges dozens of devices by switching outlets in 15 and/or 30 minute intervals and is an ideal drop-in solution for OEM manufacturers of wireless base station or cell-site infrastructure.

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