Commercial Wireless Solutions Week Case Study: Solving Wireless Co-Location & Brute Force Overload Issues for Major Telecom Company

by Jaymie Murray 20. February 2015 10:00

In a rapidly changing wireless landscape with ever growing system demands, telecom companies need to constantly increase their cell site footprint. In this case study, we explore how one telecom company faced major co-location and brute force overload (BFO) issues when they expanded LTE coverage near a military training base. Faced with the possibility of removing the cell site and thereby impacting their customers, the company turned to API Technologies filters to solve their issues and help them continue to provide excellent service.

Challenge A major telecommunications company that provides wireless, internet, and digital television services has been rapidly expanding LTE (high speed wireless data) coverage to meet consumer demand. One of their cell towers operating in the AWS-band at 2100 MHz was placed at a busy airport to meet the needs of travelers and staff.  While service was enhanced for consumers at the airport, this created an interference problem for the military training base located nearby. The base’s three satellite receivers were located within 50 feet of the cell tower, creating brute force overload (BFO) and co-location issues that posed significant problems. Solution After repeatedly trying and failing to find a vendor that had the capabilities to rectify the situation, the telecom company contacted API Technologies. API’s engineers quickly determined the source of the issue and suggested a solution that would quickly and efficiently mitigate the problem. By installing a receive filter with a very low insertion loss in the military base’s system, everything on the AWS frequency was filtered out. Result The filter restored functionality to the base’s satellites and allowed the telecom company to keep their cell tower located at the airport.

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