Ceramics Week: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About API's Tubular, Discoidial and Planar Ceramic Capacitors

by Jaymie Murray 17. November 2015 11:27



Discoidial Capacitors

Discoidal feed-through ceramic capacitors are the building blocks of the EMI filter industry. API Technologies discoidial capacitors provide great versatility in meeting varied voltage, capacitance and dimensional requirements. Our non-polar, multi-layer capacitors are small, reliable and high in dielectric strength. Operational temperatures of –55°C to +125°C are achieved with no voltage de-rating. The versatile nature of our discoidals makes them ideally suited for by-pass and filtering applications. Due to their low inductance construction, these capacitors perform extremely well in high frequency applications. The circular geometry of a discoidal feed-through capacitor offers many paths to ground, resulting in lower impedance and better filtering performance. The low profile and rugged design of our discoidal capacitors offer an excellent alternative to ceramic tubes.


Planar Ceramic Capacitors

API Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of Planar Array Capacitors for EMI filtering. Built using over 25 years expertise in multi-layer ceramic capacitor manufacturing, planar capacitors offer many advantages over stand-alone chip, discoidal or tubular capacitors: low profile, compact, quick assembly time. Various custom and industry standard geometries are available. Designs can incorporate multiple capacitance values, feed-thru holes and ground holes. With a combination of versatility and function, planar ceramic capacitors are quickly becoming the new standard in filtered connectors used in EMI suppression applications.



Tubular Ceramic Capacitors

API Technologies manufactures a wide variety of tubular ceramic capacitors, which are small in size, lightweight, non-polar and offer high dielectric strength. Operating temperatures of –55°C to +125°C are achieved with no voltage de-rating. All ceramic capacitors are fired to produce true monolithic structures, which are impervious to moisture and contamination. Outer terminations feature a nickel barrier and a final metal layer, typically silver.

We offer many variations of tubular capacitors to fit your custom application:

  • Various OD, ID and length configurations
  • Square tubes for surface mount applications
  • Lapped feed-thru capacitors
  • Custom style capability


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