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Written by Brian Hall
on December 04, 2020

Consider how many devices each of us use every day. Our laptop, smartphone, tablet, and for some of us, a smartwatch, earbuds, plus all the devices in our home: Thermostat, lights, doorbells, webcams, even our television. Now multiply this by billions, soon, even trillions. All connected to the Internet.

APITech’s programmable attenuators help make this possible.

How? By helping companies automate their testing and simulate real-world conditions in the lab. This ensures your newest router, smart device, chip set, wireless service or application will all function as advertised, and roll-out will take place on time, and for less cost than through manual testing.

Lab testing before roll-out is absolutely critical and our line of programmable attenuators and RF testing solutions makes this possible.

Every home is different. Every office. Every street. How will your router perform with everyone online at the same time? What about your 5G network across different frequency bands and in different environments? In emergency situations? With APITech’s programmable attenuators, you can test and simulate for these different scenarios, and countless more.

APITech programmable attenuators can be found in the labs of smartphone makers, with companies that make routers, that help build radar equipment, and that offer in-flight wireless services.

Other popular use cases for our programmable attenuators include:

  • A 5G network carrier wanting to simulate real-life scenarios between base stations and 5G handsets. They also wanted to optimize speed and coverage through both software and hardware updates, and make sure their service coverage was effective across multiple frequency bands.
  • A defense contractor seeking to ensure optimum signal leveling in testing their radar systems.
  • A popular maker of Wi-Fi routers needing to put their newest product through its paces. They selected our solid state programmable attenuators to simulate different coverage scenarios, and to test their product across all Wi-Fi bands, including the newly approved Wi-Fi 6E band.
    butler matrix wifi beamforming

APITech’s programmable attenuators enable some of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies to test their solutions before roll-out, saving them time and money – and helping them leap the competition. But we understand that every customer has unique requirements. That’s why we focus on delivering the industry’s very best programmable attenuators for every customer.

Our unique differentiators include:

  • Superior RF performance
  • A broad operating frequency range
  • High attenuation ranges with low step resolutions
  • And a wide variety of control interfaces, and a graphical user interface

Our products are designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States and our customer support team is co-located alongside our engineering team.

shutterstock_508997860-3This is an exciting time: 5G and the newest Wi-Fi standards are spurring a revolution in connectivity for everyone, and for everything, everywhere, driving the industry’s greatest-ever growth opportunity. APITech has decades of RF, Microwave and millimeter wave product experience, and a well-earned reputation for superior quality, reliability, and technical performance.

We never stop innovating. And we never stop supporting our customers.

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