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Written by Amy Brown
on May 21, 2020

Have you heard of small, lightweight microphones? Perhaps, you haven’t. Let us enlighten you. Small, lightweight microphones are used in the military SWATS for just about all combat and tactical tasks. The working principle of this innovation is simple: seek and neutralize enemies by tracing the sound from their gunfire.

Military SWATS product photo

SWATS employ both shock wave and muzzle blast noise in its target goals. It uses these two tools to locate enemies.

The impressive part is that SWATS’ tools are already widely used. For specifics, those tools are saving the lives of many US soldiers all over the world. However, SWATS has a foundational problem.

Military SWATS insertion toolRF energy can affect the performance of SWATS or even disable the system with noise or EMI. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is an electronic emission that interferes with RF systems and other electronic devices.

Fortunately, APITech takes a protective role by developing Mini Spanner EMI Filters.

Benefits of APITech’s Mini Spanner EMI Filters

  1. Protection to Your SWATS

SWATS with bad designs will always be susceptible to damages from electrical noises. Thanks to APITech’s Mini Spanner EMI Filters, you can easily correct SMATS’ errors.

APITech’s Mini Spanner EMI Filters are already small (2-56). For that reason, they don’t take much space in SWATS.

More importantly, they nullify design flaws and ensure that your SWATS neither radiate nor malfunction at the slightest EMI.

Nonetheless, APITech’s Filters should be used for nucleated systems. The filters are most effective when the lines to be filtered are close.

  1. Safety and Easy to Use

APITech’s Mini Spanner EMI Filters complies with MIL-PRF-15733. As such, they are quite safe for use. Also, APITech’s Filters have simple designs that require no hex. It doesn’t require soldering before installation.

What’s more, it is easy to replace. All you need to do is swap it out from your SWAT. In all, APITech’s Mini Spanner EMI Filters helps save the lives of US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. They do not only protect SWATS from EMI but also ensure that it is flexible to meet varied mechanical and electrical needs.

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