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Written by Curt Ventola
on May 11, 2021

In combat, missile launching demands accuracy in targeting and launching. While finding the right target might not be a problem, launching is a potential problem. Any little glitch caused by natural disturbances and even enemy manipulation have its effect. APITech’s industry leading portfolio of high performance IF SAW filters are used in the latest high-accuracy missile designs.

IF SAW Filters for Missile Guidance Systems

IF SAW Filters for Missile Guidance Systems

SAW filters (surface acoustic wave filters) are small-sized, low-cost radio frequency filters. The surface acoustic wave works by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy on piezoelectric materials using interdigital transducers fabricated on a piezoelectric substrate.

The SAW IF Filters (surface acoustic wave intermediate frequency filters) by APITech are perfect for missile guidance systems. They help guide missiles to the right target by making the homing process more effective. 

The Benefit of APITech’s IF SAW filters

One can use APITech’s IF SAW filters in a wide range of intermediate frequencies for selecting channels. They are small and compact; they consume less power and ensure stable performance. In designing the APITech IF SAW, mechanical resonance was used to reduce the size of the end product. 

After production, all SAW IF filters are rigorously tested within APITech’s facilities using on-site development software. The testing ensures that the following electrical parameters work correctly: bandwidth, insertion loss, center frequency, and rejection.

Other advantages include:

  • Low insertion loss at a lower frequency range.
  • Covers wide bandwidth 
  • Offers great rejection at a lower frequency range.
  • Structure allows flexible port configurations.
  • Excellent temperature stability.
  • Ultra-flat group delay as low as 8 ns part to part
  • Pre-aged at 100 C to lock center frequency within 0.0005% (quartz only)

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