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Written by Amy Brown
on August 06, 2020

The armed forces prevent most misfires through proper training and adequate maintenance. However, some missile system fails to operate properly despite the efforts.


We’ve seen several missile misfire cases. Take the misfiring incident that destroyed the German frigate, for example. The missile was propelled from the launcher but didn’t blast off. It burned out in the launcher, causing severe damage.

Also, the Harpoon missile misfire incident was caused by a technical fault since it occurred without activating the launch key.

In a case where bombers attack aircraft, fighter aircraft need these weapons to function correctly to be able to fight back. There should be no room for errors!

What Causes Missiles to Misfire?

Advanced ignition systems have only the mechanical and electronic components required to flag the detonator to launch the blast. However, Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) can impede the function of these detonators.

One of the effects of HERO is that it causes missiles to disable prematurely or malfunction, hence the need for APITech’s EMI filters.

Why APITech EMI Filters?

EMI filtering is essential for all types of missile aircraft as it helps missiles to function correctly with no disturbance. The design of the EMI filter depends on some factors, including the type of aircraft, aircraft design, application type, and materials used.

APITech’s EMI filters, when incorporated into the ignition systems, will prevent these missiles from misfiring or malfunctioning.

missile ignition systems

Our EMI filter assembly types include:

  1. Hermetically Sealed EMI Filters - This features a hermetic glass seal with a high EMI performance, filtering from 10 kHz to over 10 GHz. It is also reliable in harsh environmental conditions.
  1. Resin Sealed EMI Filters - Feature a rugged case which makes them highly reliable even in the toughest environmental conditions.
  2. Discordial Ceramic Capacitors - This is a great alternative to ceramic tube designs. They offer great versatility in meeting various capacitance, voltage, and dimensional requirements.

The military uses our filters to prevent misfiring, malfunction, and control electromagnetic interference in missiles. Our company boasts of a large selection of high-quality EMI filter assemblies with full EMC compliance.

Contact us today or visit our website for more information on our solutions.

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