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Written by Henry Gold
on November 10, 2020

According to Quocirca, 59% of businesses have suffered at least one print-related data loss. This could be through theft of documents left in the printer tray, printing of documents without approval, or unauthorized distribution of sensitive, confidential or classified documents after printing. Their research also found that print-related loss accounts for a surprisingly high 11% of all security incidents.

Put simply, multi-function printer and scanner devices (MFDs) pose a significant data security risk for organizations, and with print-related data loss costing an average of $400,000, it's a risk that comes with a high price.

If you aren't already securing your MFDs to prevent data loss you need APITech’s NetgardTM MFD, the user authentication solution for networked MFDs, which uses PKI-based smartcard two-factor authentication. Netgard Reader 2

Why Choose Netgard MFD?

1. Easy to Use

APITech’s Netgard MFD protects your documents and data through two simple and practical steps: authentication and PIN generation.

The authentication works on the basic rule of no approval, no printing. Employees must authenticate themselves in person at the MFD via the Netgard smartcard and PIN device in order to release their printing or scanning.

Authentication ensures only authorized personnel can print sensitive, confidential or classified documents, and the originator of the printing needs to be present at the device before the printing or scanning completes, preventing prying eyes or theft of the documents.  These security measures can easily be bypassed for printing or scanning of non-secure documents. 

In addition, the secure, scan-to-email facility ensures documents are only sent to the requester's email address.


2. Affordable

Netgard MFD  prevents the release of unauthorized information, however, is it truly affordable?

Yes! Not only is Netgard MFD affordable, it can also save you money. An easy to deploy, plug and play device, that works with any MFD, it can be retro-fitted to your existing print fleet to ensure consistent levels of security and compliance. In other words, Netgard MFD enables your legacy printers and scanners to protect your organization against print-related data loss, without you having to buy expensive new MFDs. 


3. Security and Compliance

Netgard MFD enables secure printing via CAC/PIV/SIPR cards, security features include:

  • Automatic session termination if the smartcard is removed 
  • Tracking of printing and scanning 
  • E-mail encryption and signing for secure sender authentication
  • FIPS 140-2, FIPS 201 and Common Criteria certified.
  • HSPD-12, ISO/IEC 7816/7810, US DoD CAC/PIV/SIPR administrator access authentication
  • Strong 2FA supports PIN, X.509 certificate, OCSP, LDAP, and Kerberos
  • Local and network user authentication using LDAP or Active Directory and Kerberos
  • For U.S. government agencies, Netgard MFD meets meets HSPD-12 and DoD compliance


With Netgard MFD you have complete peace of mind knowing your network is protected from unauthorized distribution of your sensitive, confidential and classified information, so what are you waiting for? To find out more contact us today on +1 908-546-3900 or click the link below.

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