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Written by Dawn Brule
on January 29, 2021

Communications in tactical operations have always played a vital role in the development of military forces. As military technology develops to keep pace with new threats, there should be an effective field-proven radio system that offers unparalleled operational flexibility. 

Rapid Mate Filtered Connectors Tactical VHF Radios

Tactical radios have had so many developments recently. Gone are the days of the analog system and low input-output capacity.

Now, tactical radios can handle a vast quantity of media files and other inputs. As such, tactical radios currently support numerous waveforms to transmit data over long distances. Thanks to that, soldiers now get their Common Operational Picture (COP) from any location they find themselves on the battlefield.

While this is a positive, the system can fluctuate and underperform. What's the solution if this occurs?  Low Jitter SAW Oscillators from APITech!

The Benefits of APITech's SAW Oscillators for Tactical Radios

  1. High-performance

Generally, oscillators help tactical radios achieve high-speed communications. However, to achieve this, oscillators are required to produce low jitter and phase noise.

Luckily, APITech's SAW oscillators are popular for ultra-low phase noise performances. Thanks to our low jitter planar SAW, we only design and manufacture hi-rel SAW oscillators that extend as high as a 4000MHz frequency performance.

APITech uses quality design techniques to produce SAW oscillators. Besides, APITech ensures that oscillators pass our in-house testing protocol for low jitter and phase noise before rolling them out.

Also, we perform rigorous electrical testing on all SAW oscillators before and after sealing to ensure all the components are working. As such, APITech's oscillators are not only highly stable and reliable, but they also have critical-low sensitivity to vibration.

  1. Rugged Designs

APITech has considered the situations on the battlefields and constructed SAW oscillators accordingly. That is why our SAW designs are not only high-performance but come with a rigid support system. As a result, soldiers can worry less about the ineffective tactical radios, and focus on winning instead.

APITech's SAW oscillators ensure tactical radios work effectively. Our solutions are not only adaptable but also highly stable and reliable. To learn more about APITech SAW Oscillators, check out our resource page:

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