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30 Aug 2021
Wi-Fi wireless | 3 min read

Hands-on with the new Multipath Emulator for Wi-Fi 6E Performance Testing

APITech recently launched the Weinschel brand Wi-Fi 6E Multipath Emula...

21 Jan 2021
5G wireless | 3 min read

Monthly Explainer: The $45 Billion 5G Auction

T he FCC's auction of 280 MHz of spectrum spanning 5,684 midband licen...

30 Sep 2020
5G Wi-Fi wireless | 2 min read

Millimeter wave Filter Trends in 5G

This blog provides a brief highlight of several of the key areas the p...

26 Aug 2020
Wi-Fi wireless | 1 min read

Wireless Testing for a 5G World and Beyond

5G wireless technology represents a generational opportunity. But to m...

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