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Written by Madeline Lee
on August 26, 2020

5G wireless technology represents a generational opportunity. But to maximize 5G's potential, every device, router, service and sensor must be tested to ensure successful roll-out. Everything -- even new vehicles and wireless links.  APITech's solutions and product experts have significant multi-industry experience in wireless testing, measurement and optimization. 


Imagine a situation where you can download anything at a rate as high as 20 GB/S! 

Of course, 5G is more than just speed or a boost for your mobile device. With 5G, telemedicine, IoT, VR, and self-driving cars can reach their true potential.

Provided you have tested your device, application or service.

This is where APITech comes in.

Why APITech?

APITech has a broad portfolio of solutions to test the development, verification, and optimization of 5G networks, services and devices. Some of these solutions include: 

  • Programmable attenuators
  • Switch matrices and custom signal routing & conditioning solutions
  • MIMO and beamforming accessories
  • Coaxial attenuators, terminations, connectors and related passive coaxial components

These solutions have already been deployed successfully for wireless testing and fading simulation, and APITech has a series of customer success stories in wireless testing for you to review. 

Benefits of Choosing APITech's Solutions

  1. Experience

APITech has decades of RF, microwave and millimeter wave experience. APITech programmable attenuators have been widely used by leading technology firms to test wireless links and related devices. APITech is the leader in coaxial attenuators, terminations and passive coaxial components. 

  1. Extensive Range of Performance Options

APITech attenuators are popular for their wide-range performance and configuration options. 

APITech maintains standard programming commands and control interfaces for all their solutions, including:

  • Ethernet and USB control interfaces
  • HTTP protocol
  • GUI software and drivers
  1. Faster Roll-Out of 5G Technology

APITech's high-performance testing tools can help speed the roll-out and successful implementation of your 5G products and services. APITech also has the tools and experience supporting your Wi-Fi 6E services and devices. 

APITech's high-performance testing tools empower your successful roll-out across the spectrum. 

  • Emerging IoT and 5G Wireless R & D
  • mmWave OTA Testing
  • Wireless Fading Simulation & Test
  • Phased Array Antenna Simulation & Test
  • MIMO and MU-MIMO Simulation & Test
  • Wi-Fi Testing
  • Handover Simulation & Mobility Testing
  • Transceiver/Radio to Radio Test Systems
  • Engineering & Production Test Labs and ATM

Learn More

Learn more about how 5G will change worldwide communications and sign up for our live webinar on September 16th. "Wireless testing for a 5G world."

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